Easy To Do Hairstyles for Lazy Girls

Lazy or just busy women can’t live without innovative and creative hair styling ideas. They always look for new options even for their casual hairstyle and special for these beauties I will represent easy to do hairstyles. These are practical and very comfy hairdos to rock on casual days. You will spend about 5 minutes to achieve each of them on your locks. So, let’s discover the secret of looking prettier in the simplest ways.easy hairstyle ideas for 2017Blow Out Hairstyle

Loose and smooth blow out hairstyles are very lovely. They are achieved with a simple hair drier and tend to make your hair look neater. So, if you want to get a quick stunning look then blow dry your hair so that it can become voluminous. Then curls it with a hair iron starting from the middle part and brush these curls into loose waves.

French Twist Updo Hairstyles 2017

French twist updo hairstyle is now one of the most requested formal updo among Hollywood stars and models. It is shown during fashion shows and is opted for red carpet looks. However there are several new and updated versions of the French twist hairstyle for 2017 and we are going to suggest you the best ones.French twist hairstyles 2017French Twist Ponytail Hairstyle

Combining the elegant French twist with your simple low ponytail you get a new style. It is a casual classy hairdo that you can wear at workplace, for shopping and on humid days. This hairstyle is astounding in its simple nature and sophisticated look.

Faux Hawk Braid Hairstyles for 2017

You don’t always need to change your haircut to wear the desired hairstyles. Smart hairdressers think of creative ways to style our hair and provide us with fascinating fake hairstyles. One of them is the faux hawk or the popular Mohawk hairstyle. Today I will represent you the latest trendy faux hawk braid hairstyles for 2017. Believe in me these are the most innovative and interesting braids that look so attractive and eye-catching.braided mohawk hairstyles 2017Dutch Faux Hawk Braid Hairstyle

Use the Dutch plaiting technique to get a fantastic and seductive faux hawk hairstyle. This hairdo is a cool one for your upcoming crazy parties and special occasions. It looks perfect on medium and long haircuts and is very pretty even in messy styles.

Elegant Short Sleek Hairstyles for 2017

Women with short pixie and bob haircuts should discover as many trendy hairstyles as possible for their locks because long hair allows us to go for any hairstyle we like but short tresses limit the options. Fortunately professional hairstylists offer cool and creative ideas for short haircuts. Nowadays famous celebrities like Emma Watson, Hayden Panettiere, Shailene Woodley, Carey Mulligan, Ashlee Simpson and many others rock short pixie and bob haircuts. They know the ways of styling these trends into elegant hairdos. Check out the best collection of short sleek hairstyles to try in 2017.short sleek hairstyles for 2017Short Sleek Side Parted Pixie Hairstyle

Though short pixie haircuts are ideal for slender face shape and bring out facial features but they are more enhanced by sleek and wet-looking hairstyles. Straight and side combed pixie haircuts keep all your hair out of the face and look better either with bold or natural-looking makeups.

Gorgeous Faux Bob Hairstyles 2017

Do you want to amuse the mirror with your new hairstyle? Give try to one of this faux bob hairstyles in 2017 and feel the fun that it gifts you. Faux bob hairstyles are already loved by many Hollywood stars who confuse us with their stunning and trendy fake bob hairdos. Actually they are very playful and inspiring for those who have medium to long hair and want to wear a bob hairstyle without cutting their locks off. So, discover the secret of wearing a bob hairstyle in an easier way.faux bob hairstyle 2017Sleek Classy Faux Bob Hairstyle

In order to get a classy and sleek faux bob hairstyle you need to have straight hair. It’s easy to get the sleek look if you comb your hair smoothly beforehand. Then you are supposed to create a cool side parting so that you may also get fake side bangs. At the ends achieve the fake bob and tuck one or both side hair behind your ear. Don’t forget to fix it with hair spray and combine with a retro or subtler makeup.

Gucci Cruise 2017 Hairstyle Ideas for Long Hair

With the opulent models of varying skin tones, eye hues and hair colors Gucci has created a real festival on the runway. The playful, colorful and very eye-catching outfits combined with flashy accessories were accompanied by long simple hairstyles which you can create even by yourself. They were our favorite styles for about 20 years ago and now we see them much evolved and beautified. These ravishing blonde, brunette and red hair colors just bring out the beauty of sleek, straight, side parted, braided and wavy hairstyles. Let’s get some new long hairstyle ideas for 2017 from Gucci Cruise 2017.hair colors from runway 2017Long Beach Waves

Beach waves created on copper red, platinum blonde and light brown hair colors are quite girlish and dainty. They are generally in loose and relaxed styles and have a kind of sleek effect on the top.

Vintage Hairstyle Ideas for 2017

Romantic and glamorous vintage style is here for you with all its luxury and delicacy. Women knew the secrets of looking gorgeous in the 40’s and 60’s and today many stylish ladies copy their style. We take examples from celebrities and models who have opted for this style. Here you will find the touch of fabulous in the string of trendy vintage hairstyles for 2017. Here they are!vintage hairstyles 2017Vintage Side Parted Waves

Feel the pleasure of the vintage style by styling your long hair into cute loose waves. They can be retro finger waves side parting which you will get a trendy formal hairstyle for special occasions. Vintage side swept waves tend to bring out your luscious hair color.

Valentino Spring/Summer 2017 Braided Updo Hairstyles

The signature braided updo hairstyles represented during Valentino Spring/Summer 2017 prove that cornrow Afro braids are back and they are here not only for black hair but also for all hair types. This spring and summer are going to be hot with the innovative and creative hairstyles provided by the latest fashion weeks. Models rock stunning plaits on their medium or long hairstyles and the combinations with accessories and outfits are generally well-balanced. They are quite delicate and tend to add a flashy girlish touch to any look. These updo hairstyles are very festive and worthy to try in 2017. Let’s discover the beauty of cornrow braided updos to be the first among our friends to try out.Valentino braided updo hair 2017 So, what is a cornrow updo hairstyle? Perhaps you have seen many black women in cute and tight braided hairstyles which are down and in loose forms. But what about a braided updo? Well, they gather their fox braids, dreadlocks or twists time to time to get cozier and more ye-catching hairstyle but these are not the cool ideas created by Valenion’s hairdressers.